Примеры, содержащие лексические трудности

188. So far as biblical or ecclesiastical books were concerned, bound books were far more common, and as often as not the more important ones were elaborately illustrated.

189. This Mr. B. was of much assistance to me. A very interesting, all-round man I found him. I should say his like was not easily to be found in any country.

190. From time to time one reads, in the correspondence columns of newspapers and magazines, letters which lay objections against words containing parts derived from different languages.

191. This does not imply that hunting by means of traps and pitfalls fell into disuse.

192. The Greeks took it for granted that back of language was a universal, uncontaminated essence of reason, shared by all men, at least by all thinkers. Words, they believed, were but the medium in which this deeper effulgence found expression.

193. It must be pointed out that no one belongs exclusively to his family. Every single member of the circle also comes in contact with many people outside it. This

is especially the case when life is as varied and as many-sided as it is today.

194. That similarity all but passed unnoticed, even though it deserves detailed attention.

195. Unlike the surface waters (of the ocean), which know day and night, and change as the seasons change, the deep waters are a place where change comes slowly, if at all.

196. The only psychological term I know of that expresses connection between ideas is «association», but this has quite a definite meaning and one that will not do for the meaning that I have in mind.

197. There is little point in providing a classified catalogue unless it conforms with the scheme in use for the books.

198. The chapter-end references include the more comprehensive publications dealing with the subject matter of the chapter in question and are carefully selected for supplementary reading.

199. Crabbe's 20 poems mainly had to do with the lives of the poor; their joys, their sorrows, and their crimes.

200. As for the authors, their name is legion. Among them, however, two poets stand out with some degree of eminence — viz., Hitomare and Akahito. The former flourished at the end of the seventh century, the latter in the reign of Shomu (724—756). Little is known of either further than they were officials of the Mikado's court.

201. The modern science of etymology has shown what is and what is not possible, has established many a relationship and destroyed many an ancient illusion.

202. Of lesser imaginary beings, the most unique are the thunderbird and the plumed or horned serpent. The former is widely distributed in the United States, the latter is found from Chile to Lake Superior.

203. Of much longer duration was the activity of those volcanoes which gave rise to the numerous craters and masses of basaltic rock.

204. Unlike the language in which they are expressed, the views of society are products of a particular system of production relations, of particular classes.

20 Crabbe George — Джордж Крэб (1754—1832), английский поэт-романтик.

205. In the present case I have criticized the theories of others because I believed it to be demonstrable that they were false, and because, although some of them have been proclaimed loudly and with a certain intolerance, there has hardly been a voice raised to call them in question and to present the other side.

206. Aristotle, for all his mastery in the sphere of scientific observational method, remained politically identified with an obsolescent environment.

207. A purely literary and aesthetic use of stylistics limits it to the study of a work of art or a group of works which are to be described in terms of their aesthetic function and meaning. Only if this aesthetic interest is central will stylistics be a part of literary scholarship.

208. Views as to the actual date of the manuscript varied; the seventh century was the most usually favoured, but it was generally agreed that the illustrations must have followed an archetype perhaps as early as the 2d century.

209. So great was the practical value of Latin that it continued in use as a literary language until medieval times, a language well able to meet all the demands made upon it.

210. Traces of tamed hog are almost entirely wanting in the old settlements of the Stone Age.

211. For all the differences between the modes and conditions of life of the shepherds and peasants in the interior, the miners in the South-West, and the clerks, workers and students in Cagliary, all Sardinians are equally concerned for Sardinia's plight.

212. The whole piece rarely occupies more than six or seven pages of print, and it usually takes less than an hour to perform. Within this narrow compass it might be expected that the unities of time, place and action would have been observed. This is far from being the case.


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